Personnel administration and payroll services imply significant time and resource consumption to ensure the correct application of the current labor law. It is very important that all employee documents and information on monthly salary changes are transmitted in time, in the format of the need to streamline the entire process. The AMAKRON team provides you with assistance in reorganizing internal processes and activities, as well as optimizing workflow and designing reporting tools. Payroll outsourcing remains the best solution for your business as it provides you with the certainty of meeting local law requirements, correct salary processing, issuing complex reports and salary data security.

By taking these procedures, AMAKRON offers you the opportunity to redirect time and effort to carry out more important activities for your business development.

Unlimited expert advice 

  • Full data collection services and the calculation of a payroll along with the drawing up of wage states.
  • Generate files in the format required by banks to pay for salaries on the card.
  • Case management documents covering disciplinary actions, absences, complaints and firing
  • Custom folders employee
  • Custom document formats
  • Newsletters and legal updates

HR Administration

  • Offers of employment terms and conditions
  • Individual employment contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Rules of procedure
  • New employee manual
  • HR procedures intradepartmental
  • Regulation GDPR in HR field
  • Agreements termination of the individual employment
  • Exit interview
  • Documents resignation, disciplinary research

Our team of experts will help your company meet both its operational requirements and legal requirements

We support your business with:

  • Project management & delivery of individual employment contracts for the sale of company assets to another company or group
  • Integrated management of collective dismissal
  • Assistance during peak load by outsourcing activities
  • Specialized recruitment campaigns

Whatever your project human resources it’s about, we can ensure timely completion of it, according to your requirements and with minimal impact on daily operations.

HR Management

  • Managing employee dissatisfaction – Interview 1-1, feedback management, employee feedback
  • Managing poor performance and absenteeism
  • Reorganization as a solution for organization development
  • Identifying and implementing policies to benefit respecting budget
  • Message identification shareholder and its implementation across the organization

Our team skills will help you to improve your staff performance, to improve skills and achieve better results from employees.

Leadership and Performance


  •  Skills assessment
  •  Performance management
  •  Coaching focused on results


  •  Team management
  • Accommodating organization change management
  • Effective leadership


  • Meetings management
  • Time management
  •  Presentation Skills


Focus on your business success

  •  Cost savings – HR outsourcing means you can save money on office space and qualified staff you need to manage a HR department. In addition, you can have a flexible package external human resources that meet your requirements; you only pay for what you need.
  • Save time and improve efficiency – you and your managers will spend less time in making documents and more time focusing on your business success.
  • Minimize risk – aware that the legislation changes regularly. By outsourcing HR, you will work with experts who will ensure that you are aware of laws affecting the workplace. Also, you can access documents and other resources HR policies, which are written by highly trained professionals, ensuring that protect your business.