Head Hunting – There are situations when you need a person of high caliber, prodigious professional experienced, technologically literate and agile operational. Most often it is difficult to find such person through traditional recruitment methods. Therefore, we, Amakron, directly address the key person who tends to have very good professional results, well qualified, whether or not they seek actively a job. We own an impressive database with people from top companies in Romania from which we can select specialists, executives and managers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively hunt and attract the most talented candidates around the world. Our rigorous service process starts with a better understanding of your business requirements, corporate culture and recruitment. The Amakron research team is made up of highly skilled professionals with unique abilities to identify candidates in highly complex organizations. We guarantee the confidentiality of both parties and ensure that our search efforts are fast, targeted and efficient. This is why Amakron is the only Executive Search company that offers guarantees of all partners we work with.

Our procedure search is totally transparent. We ensure that you are always informed and keep abreast of every stage of your mission, giving you a complex weekly report. Our transparent communication methods provide you the assurance that we act professionally as well as with strict confidence.

Amakron has maintained the guarantor process to provide our customers with a short list of the best people in the industry within a guaranteed time frame and then for the appointed candidate to remain in their role. In this way, we ensure that we bring you the best people from all over the world and that they will be hired, motivated and relevant to your business.

Executive Recruitment segment is one of the key elements of our business. The procedure is different and has an unique approach to each job separately. Candidates are interviewed sequentially by several recruiters, we apply cross skills tests, risk factors, motivations, with the sole purpose to provide an overview of the capabilities of candidates. References are thoroughly investigated, without interfering in any way in the investigation’s conclusion without violating personal privacy of candidates.

We are committed to search for excellence and our aim is to provide our clients with the best professionals in every sector. Our competitive advantage is based on: the expertise of our specialist industry, the rigour of our processes, the highest quality and confidentiality standards and the passion of our people.