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  1. Intellectual property rights

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Any use of any of the elements contained in the Site that is not approved by AMAKRON will entitle users to liability for any damage caused.

  1. Personal Data Policy

Accessing the site implies an automatic transfer of data needed to run it. Apart from these data, AMAKRON does not process other personal data. To this end, our privacy policy is part of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Limitation of Liability for the content of other sites

The Site may contain links to other websites or other resources that are not owned by AMAKRON. AMAKRON does not control the content of any of these sites or the resources that can be accessed through them. Therefore, AMAKRON is not responsible for the content of links or sites, whether they include advertising, services, supplies, software, information or other elements available on or through them.

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AMAKRON make every effort to verify the content of the Site so that it does not contain virus software programs, malware, adware, tojan horse or other like that. However, AMAKRON cannot be held responsible for the infection of related access equipment used by the visitor, the existence of these programs are, most often impossible to detect.

  1. Limitation of Liability for the content of the Site

The site has only informational purpose and does not represent a formal commitment of AMAKRON with whatever information it contains at any given time. The information, dates, schemes, products, drawings, and any other elements detailing AMAKRON’s activity are not provided for the purpose of replacing the contractual agreements that AMAKRON will sign with each customer, collaborator or employee.

The only element that is part of any contractual arrangements between AMAKRON and its customers is the General Conditions document, available on site. However, the General Conditions will be considered binding on AMAKRON only where the contractual documents contain a reference to them.

AMAKRON can not be held responsible for the use of the information contained in the Site outside a contractual relationship agreed by our representatives. To avoid any doubt, AMAKRON does not assume liability and the visitor grants AMAKRON any responsibility for any use of any product, text, information, sketch, etc. in any form, through pictures, text or drawings, on the Site, in addition to a contractual agreement with AMAKRON. Any damage caused by such use can not be imputed to AMAKRON.

  1. Diverse

AMAKRON reserves the right to modify the Site’s elements, reflecting the information that AMAKRON wishes to provide to visitors at a given time.


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